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It’s 2014, and there are now more Smartphones than desktop computers, and according to Google, mobile search has already eclipsed dektop search so if you do not have a mobile web presence then you risk alienating your customers. There are 4,4 billion mobile subscribers in the worls (thats more than TV subscriptions). Smartphones seem to be the ultimate prosthetic device a human , attached to the hands of school kids and businessmen alike. If you haven’t noticed this, your business might be missing out on a definitive wave of cultural change in the way it interacts with prospects. If you are not using QR codes to being advertisements & literature to life, then continue reading this page to get a grasp of the vast channel to business that you might be ignoring! Trends in Industrial Mobile Website Marketing - 2014

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Why You Risk Losing 30% of Your Customers in 2014


Who can afford to turn away ~30% of their visitors?

There’s no excuse any more for not having a site which works on mobiles. Yet so many sites fail to take advantage of this, with poorly optimized mobile sites or, even worse, flash based sites which just categorically do not work. Forget the iPhone or Android battle – its all about what your prospect and customer have in their pocket and if they can see you.

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A Smartphone is “always on” and ready to bring advertising to life with QR  codes, or find the best deal, online or locally, for any product with location based positioning coupled with bar code readers. They feature voice recognition, cameras, GPS, texting, apps, TV, Media and here’s the kicker… Billions of people globally have one sitting in their pocket or purse.  

Q. How soon should you begin a mobile strategy?

A. Yesterday.


This is IMPORTANT - Mobile has eclipsed Google desktop search in the 4th  Qtr 2013 – It’s Always ON!

Mobile search drives behavior in the moment – 55% of conversions/1 hour – 81% of conversions after 5 hrs

Mobile Search is always on, Whether on the go, at home or at work. &&% of mobile searches occur at home or at work

With mobile devices, who waits for a PC to boot anymore ... like they did in the last century! 81% of searches are driven by speed.


57% of visitors would not recommend a poor mobile site (not mobile – pinch to view) – 40% go to the competition


Industrial Marketing Made Easy.  Industrial Marketing Made Easy. These videos show some important mobile website statistics about why the Smartphone Screen is fast becoming the most important screen to your business.

Instant gratification; who waits for a computer to boot up anymore? Mobile and desktop are important, as prospects jump from one to another, but beware mobile and desktop web are mutually exclusive channels – Mobile has additional features such as – Always on, click to call, QR bringing traditional ads to life, location services, SMS, etc. See Trends in Industrial Mobile Website Marketing - 2014

Growth projections for mCommerce are unparalleled by anything else ever in history 



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