Top Industrial Internet Marketing Programs for Manufacturers

Recently, we read an article about the top 4 Industrial Search Engine Optimization Programs for Industrial Marketers. These strategies are listed below; we warn of the caveats of each one when not implemented correctly, however we do not want to diminish the importance of each strategy either. The top 4 Industrial Search Engine Marketing Programs for Industrial Marketers include:

  1. SEO and SEM - Website Search Engine Optimization and Marketing.

  2. PPC - Pay-Per-Click, Sponsored Search Positioning Strategies defining how industrial manufacturers can make use of programs like Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter, and Yahoo! Search Marketing.

  3. PR, Internet Press Releases for Industrial Marketing. Explaining how important news is to the Search Engines.

  4. ThomasNET and GlobalSPEC - We explain the pitfalls of these industrial register programs and what to watch out for when deciding to use this Industrial Service

While it may be true Industrial marketers view e-business as mission critical. An overwhelming 90+% of industrial marketers believe e-business and online marketing are important for their company. It may also be true that a good Industrial SEO strategy will yield the greatest ROI on your invested dollar. It's certainly true that design, implementation, and launch of a new industrial website is the best time to implement and examine the Industrial Internet Marketing Strategies mentioned above. So, let's take a look awhat to watch out for, or the common mistakes industrial marketers and industrial SEO firms make when implementing site strategies.

These may be the top 4 Industrial Marketing Programs but beware of the following pitfalls:

SEO and Product Discovery - an Introduction to Pull Marketing
An SEO project plan, should identify your current web position with regards to product, competition, keywords and phrases, etc. Done correctly SEO should increase traffic to your industrial manufacturing or distribution website, removing any barriers to efficient search engine indexing.

Web Analytics: A great Place to Start

A Good Industrial Marketing and SEO program starts with Website Analytics to:

  •  Monitor your bounce rate (Industrial Engineers that leave immediately by hitting the back button)

  • Explain which search engines work for you and which ones do not.

  • Which keywords and phrases work and inherently which ones need work.

  • Who links to you?

  • What your conversion rate and ROI is.

  • Where your audience is geographically.

  • And much more...

Industrial Website Design

You may have a great Industrial SEO strategy, where your industrial company or product is placed on page 1 of Google, Yahoo! and MSN. The problem is that if your site does not expound value to the visitor then most likely your site will still drive traffic to your competitors. Consider:

  • Your site is poorly designed.

  • Is hard to navigate.

  • Is 90's looking

  • Who links to you?

  • Brochure ware.

  • Poor usability.

Industrial Web Catalogs

Industrial Business Marketing focuses on site design and navigation as well as adding sticky items like industrial interactive catalogs, ecatalog product wizards that walk the end user step-by-step through the process of finding and applying your industrial products. An industrial interactive e-catalog will help your end users discover your products. However, you should remember that:

  • An interactive web catalog should never return the dreaded "0 products found" (this all to common in industrial web catalogs)

  • An industrial catalog must include dimensional data, performance data, design guidelines, and product characteristics within its search.

  • Online Catalog Software can be complex and difficult for search engine spiders to index.

  • Most Industrial Web Catalogs should have CAD download data.

  • Pricing is essential to industrial buyers

  • No Value means No Immediate Sales Lead which Means No Sale.

Industrial Search Firms

Finally, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, pick an SEO firm that can prove their work, and show how they have positioned other Industrial Manufacturers and Industrial Distributors in the organic natural portion of the Search engines. Ask what the final outcome was in terms of revenue generation, cost savings, and Return on Investment. And most importantly get references.

Additionally, you should check that Search firms show up in the search engines themselves; if they can position their own Industrial SEO serrvice then they can probably position your Industrial Product or Company. Do not just search with terms like "SEO Company" or "SEO firm", be more specific and use terms like industrial sales leads or if your need to write an news article for your new product, try industrial press release or be more detailed with phrases like seo industrial or seo project plan. A good Industrial Search Engine consultant has probably not positioned Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream or Victoria's Secret; remember you have a product that is intended for industrial B2B and not B2C.

One must also note that each term above includes this website and to further clarify the issue of good industrial positioning each of those phases (plus many more) have more than one million results in the SERPs, (Search Engine Results Pages)

PPC Pay-Per-Click Strategies for Industrial Manufacturers

Most industrial marketer dabble in pay-per-click, but most either bid too much, do not experiment with the dynamic aspects of Google Adwords, where your Ad can dynamically read what the prospect types and take the prospect to any part of your site. Read More...

PR, Optimized Press Releases

PR is very important to the industrial manufacturer. News is News so you new Industrial Product Press Release should hold the same weight to Google as the latest Britney Spears story. You have to read this...

ThomasNET, Thomas Register, GlobalSpec, Direct Industry, KellySearch, What the Industrial Internet Marketer Need to Know about Industrial Registers

These programs are typically expensive, list you amongst your competition, and are an Industrial Buyers dream to have you and your competitors compete on price. See why....



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