Tips to help increase the number of qualified Industrial Sales Leads and B2B Sales Leads

9 Tips to Increase Qualified Industrial Sales Leads on the Web

The Cost of New Customer Acquisition (See here ->)
Industrial Manufacturers or OEM's and Industrial Distributors are looking for ways to lower the cost of acquisition of new customers, while trying to increase the amount of value they can provide to existing customers to reduce customer attrition. In this section we will explain the pure marketing pull industrial sales lead generation methodology that can be implemented to achieve both goals when it comes to sales lead generation using Industrial Internet Marketing and Positioning using Industrial SEO.

  1. Understand your Customers and Prospects needs - Internet marketing is the best source and the number 1 resource used by engineers and OEM buyers alike to find, source, and price your products.

  2. Offer Something of Value - Engineers love gadgets, to increase the amount of interaction on your site, offer a free unit conversion utility download, or enter the users in to a free monthly drawing for a power tool, etc. Either way a form is filled out and a sales lead is created.

  3. Make Site Navigation Simple - Most industrial manufacturers and distributors put up websites that are brochure-ware at best. Offer industrial interactive catalogs to help your users find the exact product they need for their application, with no guesswork. See  industrial ecatalogs

  4. Immediate Sales Lead Distribution - The internet allows any manufacturer to immediately disseminate sales leads to their sales force, industrial distributors, and manufacturers representatives in real time. We can help you setup simple rules that assist in Industrial Sales Lead Dissemination based on the territory and product you supply and even put them into your CRM ( system for tracking and conversion. (See below)

E-Catalogs with Sales Lead Distribution and Dissemination Capabilities Immediately Alerting your Sales Force to a Prospects Immediate Needs.

Contacting a new prospect within 30 minutes of receiving an industrial sales lead increases your chances of closing the sale by 45%

  1. Remember the OEM Trilogy - In this day and age customer service is critical for customer acquisition and decreasing customer attrition. The web offers customer self service models that will allow your customers to answer the simple manufacturing trilogy "Do you make it?", "What's My Price?", and "When Can I Get It?" The Internet is the perfect vehicle for customer self-service.

  2. Lean in the Front Office - When most manufacturers think Lean they apply it to their manufacturing process. Studies show that Lean Methodology applied to Sales and Marketing can save the company 70% in cost avoidance techniques using Kaizen events, 6 Sigma, Poke Yoke, 5 Why's, etc.

  3. B2B Industrial Sales Leads & Campaign Micro-Targeting - Industrial sales leads garnered from the Internet are a pure marketing pull, however once your sales leads are in your salesforce automation (SFA) system or CRM they can be used for email campaign micro-targeting using segmentation techniques to support the brand, product launch process, and company message. Email marketing for Industrials has great ROI compared to traditional push marketing campaigns.

  4. CRM & SFA - Since most of the data from the Internet is easily accessible in a database format. One can • Centralize commercial data globally by consolidating all sales contact data • Improve the sales pipeline• Opportunity management and forecasting. is a great tool to manage industrial sales leads, we can help with your implementation.

  5. Monitor Your Competition - Keep abreast of your competition and monitor their industrial positioning strategy. Remember, SEO is not the be all and end all - a well positioned website in Google that offers no customer or prospect value, will drive traffic to the competitors website.

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