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According to an article published by Thomas Industrial in 2011:

Industrial marketers view e-business as mission critical. An overwhelming 93% of industrial marketers believe e-business and online marketing are important for their company. Within the next 12 to 18 months, this figure will swell to 98%.

The Web is becoming the hub of industrial marketing. Industrial marketers rely on their Website to educate customers about their products, fill their sales pipeline and enhance customer service.

Marketing budgets continue to shift online at the expense of traditional marketing. Industrial marketers are increasing spending on enhancing their Website, search engine marketing and email marketing, while decreasing spending on magazine advertisements, direct mail and industry directories.

Sales Lead generation is the top online marketing opportunity for industrial marketers. Online marketing is ideally suited to address industrial marketers’ top business challenge – lead generation.

Tremendous opportunities exist for companies with a sound online marketing strategy. Companies with a sound and effective online marketing strategy are three times more likely to produce results.

Search Engine Optimization Analysis

Research, analysis, meetings with your staff, submission of search engine optimization recommendations and strategic plan. It will take approximately 4-6 weeks for the plan to be finalized.

Setup a website analytics program, monitoring:
o Visitors
o Repeat Visitors
o Keywords
o Bounce Rate
o Etc.
Survey key personnel on business model, define goals and target markets
50 Keyword/phrase survey
Competitive intelligence and positioning
Define key channel partners, customers, and industry sites for link building exercise
Define generic keywords, industry keywords, corporate terminology, trademarks, and competitive words.
Suggest appropriate terms that need improvement
Recommend Search Engine Friendly submission process.
Recommend removal of barriers to efficient Search Engine indexing
Recommend ways to enhance product offering based on limitations that may currently inhibit Search Engine friendly techniques based on the corporate site
Set milestones to monitor & report site traffic improvement

SEO Implementation

Implementation of actions recommended in the SEO plan, tracking, testing and modifying if necessary. Continuous monitoring and making adjustments as necessary, submitting monthly reports.

Monitor Analytics
Use search terms from survey
Rewrite website copy, suggest new copy
Suggest filename changes
Submit content in a search engine friendly manner (Google, MSN/LIVE, Yahoo!, etc)
Explore Dynamic PPC (Pay Per Click) Activity (Google Adwords, MS AdCenter)
Build reciprocal link program, Partners, Industry Sites, Distribution Channel, etc
Monitor keyword “stuffing”
Submit sitemaps to search engines
Implement META changes
Add additional supporting documents in a Search Engine friendly way
Add/ recommend rich media
Add “How to…” information and documentation
Keep site corporate identity
Test from outside sources
Monitor & revise as necessary

Industrial Website Design-Navigation

Design, create and develop new content for the web site. Create “stickiness”, easy navigation, and a modern infrastructure, compatible with search engine optimization recommendations. This includes recommendations for e-catalog enhancements, free embedded software within the site and interactive catalogs, and access to product application data, presentation and location for video and animation programs, plus CAD accessibility and download in all versions off modern CAD.

Introduce micro-sites in keeping with look & feel of corporate identity
Improved navigation structure
Suggest self-service models and cost avoidance techniques
Determine benefits of adding interactive e-catalog, including
• Up Sell/Cross Sell models (Related tooling and parts, Sell up without sacrificing margin)
• e-catalog with Parametric Search
• e-catalog with Wizard Search
• Part number and Competitive X-ref. search
• RFQ, Pricing, Shopping Cart internet catalog functionality
CAD data download
Define & recommend items for “Site Stickiness” to reduce bounce
Video and Flash animation to enhance how your industrial products perform - Remember if a picture is worth a 1000 words then a movie or animation is worth a thousand pictures - you do the math... OK 1 million words

read more about online web catalogs...

Pure Pull Sales Lead Generation & Immediate Dissemination

Create a registration process that will encourage visitors to provide information for sales lead follow up. Recommend the applications, filtering methodology and strategy for disseminating sales leads to your sales organization, and tracking results.

Pull vs. Push Marketing
Define sales territories for sales lead distribution
Define login form sales lead capture information
Define sales lead dissemination rules
ROI Analysis
Define Sales Force Automation (SFA) program or CRM input to monitor sales pipeline, forecasting, and sales lead opportunity management

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Micro Target Marketing and Campaign Management

Online marketing strategies, including micro targeted campaigns, PR and news releases can be implemented from the new site. Once implemented, these strategies and the Search Engine Optimization enhancements will be documented for Varian’s future use.

Introduce data mining programs for segmentation of prospect message
Mass marketing vs. micro-targeting
Email Message design
Opt-out procedures
Monitoring campaign effectiveness
Landing Pages

Compliance with CAN-SPAM laws and Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (“ACPA”), 15 U.S.C. § 1125(d)

Industrial Press Releases, Related News Articles, Editorial Pickup and Google

Industrial marketers must embrace the industrial press release since a well optimized press release will beat the Google Algorithm every time. News is news whether it is a piece on your new widget or what crazy antics Britney Spears is currently up to.

Here's how we got there, a search engines biggest strength is also its biggest weakness in that it has to show the most relevant results for an end user's search query. Since news is constantly changing and updating then a search engine has to constantly update what is currently in the news and therefore press releases that cross the wire do not have to go through Google's algorithm or at least are not nearly as scrutinized. Once your industrial news article is in Google news it will stay there for 30 days, after crossing the wire editorial pick-up will be around for a long time.

So bear with us on this, if you write a well optimized press release about your unglamorous widget, post it on your site, and have it cross a news wire service. Then it will show up high in Google.

Try these examples Bear Stearns, Britney Spears, Paul McCartney or New Rivet Tool The latter being the most unattractive news story of the 4, you will see at number 5 in is a pick-up article in New Equipment Digest magazine (link From a press release dated November 2007 about a new product launch for a new rivet tool that is still ranking high in Google because of its editorial pick-up.

At Industrial Business Marketing we try to educate people in thinking about original and compelling website content, and not about when the next Google Page Rank update will be or what the latest trick is to fool Googlre into ranking your pages high.

So to the people out there that are looking for the Google holy grail, we have a good reputation in helping companies optimize their sites and have never once been concerned with Page Rank.

Posting news into a blog is great and we cover this topic in detail - however this is not the same as submitting an release to a Newswire service. while there are many free services on the web the two we recommend are PR Newswire ( and Business wire (, you only need one service (i.e. there is no need to submit your news story to both), it costs about $250 to submit, and you need to setup an account. We can help.

Remember if you are releasing press or newsworthy items then you are looking for editorial pickup too, so a rule of thumb is never, submit your news release on a Monday morning or a Friday - Tuesday seems to be the best editors day for pickup.

When done correctly, the backlinks from a good PR piece will help in Google rankings, but most importantly increase your targeted site traffic.

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