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Important: Please click on the links below and look for this site to prove we can put our money where our mouth is, for this site showing up in Google!

Most SEO Agencies and IT employees tell you they can get you on the first page of Google, but when you ask where they are in the page results for what thay do, they are nowhere to be found! -  How then can you expect them to make you show up for what you do? Or if your IT person could do it then they would have done it already.

Industrial Marketing Made Easy.  Click the video on the right for some important website myths that you are probably being told by your web agency about SEO. Just bear in mind that in our opinion most of these agencies cannot position themselves let alone your website.


Our web address is check for yourself by reading below:

So lets take step-by-step approach to Industrial SEO - If we were to write our vision statement, it would essentially include the following, since we take a unique and "none technical" approach that would read something like this:


"If you want to use the best name in the search engine optimization industry to increase sales leads then call us for a free and concise seo implementation plan.  Are you frustrated with your SEO Agency, or even ThomasNET or GlobalSpec, as they promise you industrial sales leads, industrial ecatalogs, industrial seo, to help increase industrial sales but never seem to be able practice what they preach, or anything you need after the contract is signed is “out-of-scope”?  And most important can never seem to show up in Google for what they do!  Look no further we are an SEO agency that shows up for what we do!

We specialize in all aspects of digital marketing including sales strategies for industrial products and seo for industrial manufacturers:

·         seo fastener industry

·         seo pump industry

·         seo bearing industry  Etc.

People use Google not these “so called” industrial business search engines like ThomasNET or GlobalSpec, to find products, period.  Download our free whitepaper mobile web strategies for industrials or simply read our mobile website conversion guide."



















  1. Consider this if you were going on vacation you probably would not type the term "vacation" in to Googles search box.  Instead you would get longer tailed and use terms like:/p>

    1. Not Mortgage Sales Leads

    2. Not Insurance Sales Leads

    3. Just industrial business leads

  2. Now an interchangable term for "Industrial Sales Leads" could be just "industrial leads" the word leads is synoymous with sthe term sales leads and both can be used interchangeably .

  3. We also do "Industrial SEO" and for that you will need a detailed "SEO Project Plan" or "SEO Implementation Plan".  However we could also interchange for terms like "industrial search engine optimization" or "industrial sales techniques"

  4. And in keeping with Myth Number 7 above I also write "Industrial Press Releases" for Industrial companies top get  editorial pickup from news stories submitted across the wire

  5. We design websites that use "industrial web catalogs" to make it easy for customers to find your discrete components, however some people call these "industrial e-catalogs"

  6. Some of you reading this will probably be considering the difference between "thomasnet vs globalspec" and may already have a program with "thomasnet or globalspec" but may also want to consider Google as another channel to market your product automomously in, instead of being lumped in with your competitors where the highest payer gets the highest rank on the ThomasNET page.

  7. So even if you are considering the best way to "increase industrial sales" whether through "SEO or ThomasNET" we hope you consider us for at least a free initial consultation for all of your website needs and "how to increase industrial sales".

  8. To reiterate, if you are just looking to do "Industrial SEO" or need a comprehensive "ppc strategy for industrial manufacturers" or a full industrial web catalog solution or just general ways to increase industrial sales  then call us today for a free website analysis and consultation.

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