Immediate Industrial Sales Lead Dissemination to your Industrial Sales Force

Pull vs. Push Marketing - Industrial Sales Leads

Cost of Acquiring New Customers? We have already established that if a prospect searches for your industrial product on the Internet, then you can probably assume that prospect has a need for that product. So, good SEO is essential to finding your products, and a good e-catalog is essential to discovering your products attributes. We will now focus on Industrial Sales Lead distribution alerting your sales force through e-sales lead technology immediately to the prospects needs. Where each sales lead will end up in your sales persons email or blackberry alerting them to the Who, the What, the Where, the When, and the Why someone has a need for your product. This sales lead methodology is a true marketing pull.

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E-Catalogs with Sales Lead Distribution and Dissemination Capabilities Immediately Alerting your Sales Force to a Prospects Immediate Needs.


Studies show that contacting a new prospect within 30 minutes of receiving an industrial sales lead increases your chances of closing the sale by 45%

The Sales Lead Process


  • Prospect finds your site - SEO practice; you were visible in Google

  • Prospect uses e-Catalog capability to find and apply your products

  • Sales lead is sent immediately to the Sales Force or Sales Lead Screener (Could also be your channel partner or Industrial Distributor)

  • Prospect is given local sales representatives or distributor contact information

Traditional Sales Leads vs. Internet Sales Leads (ROI)

Trade Show
Industrial Internet Site (Pull)
Cost $75,000 $3,000 per month
Sales Leads 200 3,000 per month
Cost per Sales Lead 75K/200 = $362 each 3/3 = $1
Time to Distribute 3 to 6 weeks Immediately

*249 One-time Setup, $49 a month

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