The 2 Most Important Things To Ask Your Industrial eCatalog or Web Catalog Developer

If you are considering an industrial web catalog to enhance your user experience then make sure the interactive catalog provider can answer the following 2 questiions honestly:

  1. Can the industrial ecatalog be indexed by search engine spiders or robots

    • Since I believe that these days product discovery starts in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing then for this example we most prove that at person will at least find us online.

    • Type "Helicoil Inserts" into Google and one of the the first organic result is for the interactive catalog that I won an award for while working for Emhart Teknologies, a division of Stanley/Black and Decker and found at

  2. Can the catalog help end-users find my product all the time, every time?

    • Now for the catalog; click here for the helical insert wizard, that will walk you step by step through the process of finding, applying, choosing the related tooling for a helicoil insert.

    • An explanation of this method can be found on the right of this page.

    • This type of catalog identified and disseminated 250,000 sales leads per year for Emhart Teknologies.

Most industrial B2B catalog sites are NOT search engine friendly. A lot of Industrial websites are brochureware and are not keyword optimized for product discovery, however this is not the only issue. Interactive online catalogs are almost always dynamic, database driven, causing major difficulties for search engine spiders to index the online catalogs. The make-up of the URL for each B2B catalog page inherently makes most industrial web catalogs SEO unfriendly and the biggest barrier to getting your B2B catalog fully indexed by Google. Don't fret we have a solution that will work with any vendors industrial online catalog solution.

Our Interactive Catalogs always find the correct product and never return the dreaded "0 products found" message

How many times have you input all of your application criteria into an industrial web catalog only to be returned the dreaded "0 products found" or "no matches returned". This to me is the most frustrating thing you can do to your potential buyer or engineer who just wants to find a product for her application. We have implemented many industrial internet catalogs that will never do this, we can guarantee that an Industrial Business Marketing your ecatalog end-user will always find your products with only 2 caveats required of them; they know how to read and they know how to use a mouse.

Parametric Search - Industrial Web Catalogs

Helical Insert Example

 In the example below, it is impossible for the end-user of this Industrial catalog not to find the product of choice. There are more than 30,000 combinations of this particular product, however our trick is to make sure the interactive search criteria is always updated with only the choices that are applicable to the application. This example shows the end user has chosen an M8x1 thread size and the catalog assures the user that for that size the only possible lengths available are 8, 12, 16, 24, and 32mm. This style of interactive catalog intuitively helps the user find the correct product every time and thus creates value.

    See an example to the right of an industrial web catalog that:

  1. Walks the end user step-by-step to their product of choice

  2. Intuitively teaches the company nomenclature

  3. Never returns zero

  4. Allows search by dimensional data, design data, performance data, and product characteristics

  5. Allows for CAD download

  6. Disseminates Web Sales Leads

  7. And much more...

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